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Independent Work & Theses

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Thesis LaTex template Graduate students wishing to use LaTeX to write their doctoral thesis can use a premade LaTeX style file puthesis. Puthesis style has appropriate preset margins, title page and other settings that should help format the thesis. Go to DataSpace. Select Princeton University Senior Theses, from the "Communities in Database" list.

Use the search box on the upper right hand side to enter the author’s name, the title, or keywords. If you would like to have additional search options, simply click on the “Advanced Search” link highlighted in blue in the search box.


Follow PEI to stay updated on the environment at Princeton University and beyond. As a thesis supervisor, you need to give clear direction, but you also need to give room to students’ personal discovery by • PhD students benefit from subsidized housing on. ARC Project 'cUpcycle" Profiled on Princeton Sustainability Website.

Zaera-Polo, Bole, Edgren. Undergraduates Sandy Bole ‘16 and Julian Edgren ‘16 used plastic cups from four of Princeton's eating clubs to make chairs and lighting fixtures. Prof. Weiss is one of the pioneers of synthetic biology.

He has been engaged in synthetic biology research since when he was a graduate student at MIT and where he helped set up a wet-lab in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

Thesis directory princeton
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